We can address poverty in neighborhoods like the Hilltop and the East Side by connecting residents to local, entry level, high-wage jobs. As rents and home values rise, we can revitalize these neighborhood if we can create pathways to hire locally. Sound Outreach and our Center for Strong Families partners provide employment coaching and financial counseling for people from these neighborhoods. These supports help your potential employees to be more successful on the job.

We need your help to identify entry level jobs at your company with wages between $15/hour and $30/hour, or if you have entry level jobs with opportunities to progress above $20/hour, and the qualifications you are looking for.

Here’s a link to successful efforts nationwide: http://community-wealth.org/policy-brief/locally-targeted-and-inclusive-hiring-practices-promote-equity#

Here’s a link to 5 reasons diversifying your workforce is good for your company: https://recruiterbox.com/blog/5-reasons-to-diversify-your-workforce/