Financial Education, Counseling and Credit-Building Products

Credit Up puts consumers in charge of their money by teaching them how to build wealth and use credit wisely. Credit Up goes beyond financial education by offering credit-building loan products to consumers with lower income, poor credit and those who are unbanked.

Sound Outreach Financial Counselors

Like all financial product, there is risk involved. Credit Up’s solution is a network of trained Financial Counselors or FCs, embedded in organization throughout  Pierce County. Sound Outreach FCs provide long-term financial coaching. Credit  Up loan products will only be available to clients recommended  by an FC.

Sound Outreach  FCs are certified by HERO, a training tool used by credit unions and Community Development Financial Institutions. Using techniques to help you improve your financial life, your FC will work with you to identify problems and prevent the collections and charge-offs that have a negative effect on your credit score. Your FC is also trained to help you deal with financial crises. If eligible, a Credit Up Counselor can offer you Financial Products that give you and alternative to expensive “payday” loans and check cashers.

A financial coaching session is a one-hour, one-on-one meeting with a Financial Counselor to:

  • Make a Budget: Write down your monthly spending and make a budget. It’s important to know exactly where your money goes in order to create a realistic plan to build wealth.
  • Credit Report: Get to know and understand your credit report. Then you can make a plan to build credit and increase your credit score.
  • Financial Health Assessment: Take a look at the numbers and assess your overall financial health and discuss how you feel about your finances.
  • Your Financial Vision: Establish you short-term and long-term goals and figure out the first steps toward attaining them.

For more information, contact Brian Humphreys: or call 253-486-6381

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